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During the moving day, one of the largest items that often need to be moved is a piano. At Billy Goat, we move pianos all the time! In fact, we’ve been providing the Fort Collins and surrounding areas with piano moving services for over 15 years. It feels like we move one at least once a day, and we’ve moved everything from grand pianos to antique uprights. If you need to move your piano, give us a call or fill out our Free Estimate form so we can help!

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"I needed movers who had the experience and ability to move an antique upright piano from one level of my home to another. Billy Goat was recommended to me by an experienced piano dealer. I couldn’t be more pleased with everyone’s help. The four gentlemen who moved it, successfully maneuvered it up a half flight of stairs in one piece and also took the greatest care with our brand new hard floors. Their skills in communication with each other and how they moved it were incredible. They even knew to set the piano a bit away from the wall for better sound. I highly recommend!"



We’ve been moving pianos across the Front Range for 15+ years, and in that time we’ve moved hundreds, if not more, pianos across Colorado. During that time we’ve developed a solid piano-moving process that not only keeps your piano safe and damage-free but makes the move quick and easy for all involved so you don’t have to wait long for your piano to be transported to its new home. Check out our process and find out how we get your piano from point A to B.



Whenever we start a new moving job, we’ll always do a walkthrough beforehand in order to assess how narrow or wide the hallways and doorways are. We’ll do another on move day to double-check our initial measurements and consult with you about the best route for us to take when moving your piano. Once we have our measurements and consultation done, our movers will develop the strategy to move your piano.


STEP 2: Wrap and Protect the Piano

Next, we’ll take out our protective coverings and wrap your piano in them to ensure it doesn’t get scratched or dented. From there we’ll secure the protective coverings in plastic wrap so they don’t fall off when we’re moving your piano on and off our truck. This way your piano will remain in the same condition as when you last saw it.


STEP 3: Remove & Pad The Legs

Once the piano is safely wrapped, we’ll flip it onto its side and onto a dolly and remove the legs. The legs will individually be wrapped in the same protective coverings and plastic wrap that went around the entire piano. This way, they too, will remain in pristine condition.


STEP 4: Move the Piano & Legs onto the Truck

Once the piano and legs are safe and secure, we’ll move the dolly over to our truck and load it in. We’ll strap it to the wall so that it doesn’t move when we’re transporting it to its new home.

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STEP 5: Take it to its new home

Once the piano and legs are safe and secure, we’ll move the dolly over to our truck and load it in. We’ll strap it to the wall so that it doesn’t move when we’re transporting it to its new home.

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We know that you have many options when looking for Colorado moving services, and that‘s why we ask you to look at all the services we offer. From full-service moving, including packing and transporting all of your furniture, appliances, and other precious belongings, to a simple pick-up service, we are the premier moving company in Fort Collins and the greater Front Range area. Contact us today to learn more!

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