Your First Day in Your New House!

Moving to a new home takes a lot of time and energy, and once you’re moved in, all you may want to do is sleep for three or four days (especially if you’ve traveled a long way to get there). You’re physically and emotionally exhausted, and you need some time to adjust to your new surroundings. That being said, there are some things you should do on your first day (or night) in your new house. You don’t have to do everything on this list, but completing a few can help with the adjustment of moving. At Billy Goat in Fort Collins, we want to make your move as enjoyable as possible!


Taking an hour or two to unpack the essential items, such as clothes or dishes, can help you feel more settled in your new home. You may be out of clean clothes, so taking items out of boxes and suitcases and doing a few loads of laundry can help immensely (this of course assumes the washer and dryer are hooked up and ready to go). Putting some dishes away in the kitchen can help you feel more moved in, even if you’re going to be ordering delivery and takeout for the next few days.


When you arrive at your new house and begin unloading the moving truck, chances are the neighbors are going to notice. Some of them might even come over and introduce themselves, bringing a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift with them. If you want to be proactive and make a good impression, take an hour and walk around to the nearby houses with your family, introducing everyone and meeting the neighbors. It can help build good relationships and you’ll have people to ask if you have questions about your new city.


This step is especially important for families with young children and pets. Everyone has just gone through a major transition, and reestablishing routines can be very helpful. You may set up your son or daughter’s bedroom first so they have a safe and familiar space where they can play and relax. For your pets, be sure not to ignore them during the unpacking process. Take a break and walk them at the times you normally would, and be sure their food and water are in an accessible spot. They can sense when you’re stressed, and sitting down for five minutes with them can help both you and them relax.

The first day in your new place can be very exciting as you discover things about the house and you set to work making it into your home. After the stresses of relocating, be sure to take the time to soak it all in and think about how many great memories you’ll make in your new residence. Completing a few things on your first day or night can make the experience even more memorable and help you begin this new chapter on a positive note.

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