Smooth Move- How to Purge Before a Big Move

Smooth Move: How to Purge Before a Big Move

It’s time to move!

Does that fill you with excitement, dread, or both? For many people, the idea of moving to a new space is incredibly exciting, especially if the new home meets your needs better than your current space.

However, packing and getting ready to move is extremely taxing. How can you make it easier? By learning how to purge before a big move.

We’ve briefly covered donating or getting rid of belongings before a big move in our moving preparation checklist, and today, we’re going to tackle the topic of decluttering in more detail.

Let’s get started on creating a much smoother moving process for your family!

Start as Early as Possible

Whether you’re planning a move in a year or have only a month to go, the sooner you start your purge, the better. You’ll be far less stressed as you make your “stay or go” decisions, which will help you think them through.

Because you’re starting early, you’ll have time to plan your approach. For example, are weekends a good time to tackle these projects, or would you prefer to use weeknights and save weekends for relaxing?

You can also get your family in on the action and even make it a game. Some people enjoy setting a timer and seeing how much they can go through in only 20 minutes.

Break the Purge Into Parts

The next step is to avoid getting overwhelmed by breaking your purge into parts. That way, you create a clear point of “done” for each part of the project.

For example, you could start with your own clothes first. Then purge your kids’ clothes. Then your spouse’s. Then you could tackle one set of kitchenware and then another.

Breaking the purge down allows you to not work for too long on this process, as it can become difficult to make more decisions after you get tired or stressed. It also makes the whole thing more manageable.

And, if you create 10 purge projects and only finish five before the big day, don’t feel bad. That’s five more than you had done before!

What to Purge When Moving

Knowing what to get rid of can be the hardest part of any decluttering project. You can look at almost anything and feel guilty that you spent money on it and never used it, or maybe you can imagine that you might use it in the future.

Don’t let those things hold you back. For example, with clothes, get rid of any you haven’t worn in the last year. Also, donate or toss any clothes that don’t fit. By the time you get yourself back in fighting shape, you’ll want to buy new clothes to celebrate anyway.

You can also donate or toss unused kitchen gadgets. We all have items we thought would be super helpful and we’ve used it exactly twice — if that. Don’t be shy; let someone else have the items that are in good condition.

Finally, take a good look at your furniture. Is it in good shape? Does it fit in your new space? Is it stained or torn? You can donate good-condition items to a good cause like Habitat for Humanity while tossing the rest.

When you know what to purge when moving, you can declutter with confidence in preparation for the big day.

Enjoy the Rewards of Your Purge

As you go through this process, remind yourself that there are great rewards waiting for you at the end of this purging process. For example, you’ll have far less to pack, and what you take to your new home will be items you’ll actually use, enjoy, and have a place to store.

Now that you know how to purge before a big move, you can save money on the moving service you use, too. After all, fewer boxes and loads mean spending less cash on the transition, leaving you with more resources to decorate and have fun at your new place.

If you’re ready to pack and move, we’d love to help. Get a free quote on your move today, and contact us with any questions!