Quick Basement Storage Solutions Ideas

Quick Basement Storage Solutions Ideas

The most popular storage space in any house is obviously the basement. They’re large and very spacious, making them prime real-estate for storing your possessions. However, Jack & I over the years have noticed that items being stored in the basement are usually in terrible condition, or on their way to becoming junk. This is because unfinished basements, while spacious, are terrible places to store your possessions.

How come?

Well, basements are notorious for collecting water damage during the Summer and Spring. Along with not having any heating or cooling vents, your possessions become at risk to the extreme temperatures within it, causing items to become damaged.

Here are a few basement storage solutions that will keep your items in good condition; if you choose to store them in the basement.

Plastic Storage Bins & Airtight Bags are Your Friends

Plastic storage bins & airtight bags are the way to go! Cardboard boxes can get destroyed pretty easily if water makes its way into the basement. Plastic storage bins will keep your items in an airtight space, free from any water damage that may occur. They help with basement organization too as you can stack and transport them far easier than cardboard boxes. In addition, airtight bags will keep that musty basement smell off them, along with any insects that make it in the basement.

Install Basement Shelving For Better Protection

If you can help it, try not to store any of your possessions on the floor. Unfinished basements are susceptible to flooding and items can absorb the moisture during the summer and springs, leading to mold growth. Installing shelves in your basement will help reduce the chance of water & mold damage on your items since they’re off the floor.

Don’t Store Valuable Items In Your Basement

Valuable items in the basement can become damaged through the various ways we’ve mentioned, but can also be accidentally crushed by other items, or broken from falling onto the unfinished floor. Instead of having them in the basement, keep valuables in closets or other designated storage rooms within your home. This will greatly help the basement organization along with keeping your valuables safe.

Keep a Basement Inventory

basement, so you know what’s down there and know what you could lose if something happens to your basement. This will take a while, but it could be fun going through your old possessions. Hell, you may find a whole bunch of stuff you could give away or sell.

Storing items in the basement is common, but you run into issues when you do it. So follow these steps, so you can keep your possessions safe and free from damage.