No Matter Why You Need to Move, We Can Help!

There are several reasons why people move, and each situation is unique to the person or family involved. There are also several factors involved in why people move, including age, location, and financial situation. At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we’ve helped numerous individuals and families relocate all across Colorado, and have heard all kinds of stories about why people chose to move or where they chose to live. If you’re planning to relocate, we’d love to help you pack and move!

Three Major Moving Ages

When it comes to moving, there are often trends that can be seen, as well as age groups who tend to move more often than others. The three most significant are the post-college twentysomething move, the starting-a-family move, and the empty-nester move.

The Twentysomething Move: The people in this group have just graduated from college, or they’ve been in the same job since graduating high school, and they’re looking for a change of scenery, a new career, or a new adventure. They might be ready to buy a house, or they may still be living with friends or roommates, but regardless of the circumstances, we can handle their move.

The Starting-a-Family Move: This group is normally in their late twenties to early thirties, and now that they have a steady job or solid career, they’re ready to settle down and start a family. They still want to live somewhere exciting, and our team can take care of their packing and moving needs.

The Empty-Nester Move: This group’s age can fall anywhere from 55 to 75, but no matter how old they are, these people are ready for something new now that the kids are grown and out of the house, starting families and living adventures of their own. If you’re looking to downsize, or have purchased a second home in Colorado, we can make sure you settle in nicely.

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