Moving With Little Ones

Preparing for a move can be stressful enough, but preparing for a move and helping your little ones get ready for the transition can be a completely different challenge. The idea of “home” can be different for each child, and a sudden change can throw their entire world out of whack. Depending on the age of your child and the amount of time they have to prepare for the move, the change can be either smooth or extremely difficult. At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we want to help make the moving experience as easy as possible, and in this blog, we’ll provide some tips on moving with children.


You can read multiple books on children and introducing change, but you will ultimately know how to best break the news of moving to your son or daughter. If you’re selling your home and potential buyers will be showing up in the next few weeks, take some time to explain what’s happening and why other people will be coming to the house. Be sure to let them know that everything in their room, all of your pets, and of course you will be going to the new house with them. You can make them a part of the moving process by giving them small things to pack or making crafts such as a book with pictures they’ve drawn of the current house. If your new home or apartment is close by, consider taking them with you before you move in to show them where their room will be and give them (somewhat) free rein to design their space how they want.


Moving can be an emotional time, and you know that you will be experiencing joy, sadness, stress, and other feelings while packing, loading, and transitioning to your new home. If you’re experiencing such a range of emotions, how do you think your kids are feeling? It’s important to prepare yourself for tantrums and fits associated with the move, and take into consideration that your kids will be able to pick up on the stress you’re feeling. The calmer and more understanding you can be, the better the entire experience can be. With time, your child will begin to accept the change and feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.


You most likely have a moving schedule that you’re trying to stick to as closely as possible. Letting your child draw and create their own calendar can help them count down to moving day, as well as complete tasks along the way. It’s also important to create a “moving day bag” for them that has snacks, their favorite toys, and something to do in the car if it’s going to be a long ride. Keeping them occupied can be a great way to keep their mind off the big change.

If you’re moving soon and you have little ones, take the time to talk to them about why you’re moving, when you’re moving, and how they can help. When you’re ready to call a moving company, contact Billy Goat in Fort Collins for friendly and professional service!