Moving Supplies You'll Need for the Big Day

Moving Supplies You’ll Need for the Big Day

You’re almost ready to begin nesting in your new home. While the novelty of a new place sounds exciting, the prospect of moving certainly does not. At this point in the process, you may be asking yourself, “what moving supplies do I need?” Because moving takes a lot of planning, the sheer number of fine details may feel overwhelming. We’ve created this simple guide to essential moving supplies to remove some of this stress.


The key to a successful move is having enough boxes to carry your personal belongings. Even if you managed to save boxes from your last move, you would likely need more after all of the stuff you’ve accumulated. Grocery and retail stores are an excellent resource for used boxes if you’re on a budget. However, nothing beats a crisp new stack of cardboard boxes — that way, you don’t have to worry about the bottom dropping out when you’re climbing up and down that flight of stairs. Contact the goats and we can get you up to 20 fresh boxes for your move.

Packing Tape

The next step is to avoid getting overwhelmed by breaking your purge into parts. That way, you create a clear point of “done” for each part of the project.

For example, you could start with your own clothes first. Then purge your kids’ clothes. Then your spouse’s. Then you could tackle one set of kitchenware and then another.

Breaking the purge down allows you to not work for too long on this process, as it can become difficult to make more decisions after you get tired or stressed. It also makes the whole thing more manageable.

And, if you create 10 purge projects and only finish five before the big day, don’t feel bad. That’s five more than you had done before!

Cleaning Supplies

You want to leave the residence in the condition you found it. So whether you’re aiming for a full return on your deposit or want to give the new residents a clean start, you’ll need plenty of cleaning supplies. Here are a few essentials to have on hand before the big day:

  • Paper towels — There’s no avoiding paper towels when you want to make your space look immaculate. These come in handy in just about every aspect of cleaning, from mirrors, windows, and countertops to wiping the dust built up on the blinds. However, if you feel guilty about using up all of that paper, consider investing in sustainable bamboo paper towels or reusable sponge cloths, which you can rinse and wring dry easily.
  • Cleaning agents — Water works wonders for cleaning areas like baseboards and walls. But for kitchen appliances and windows, a few cleaning agents can make the place shine. Window cleaner, oven cleaner, and multi-purpose cleaner for surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen go a long way.
  • Brooms and a dustpan — It may sound obvious, but it’s easy to load these things into the truck before you’ve had a chance to clean! Put all your cleaning supplies in a corner, so you remember to move them last.

Some Friends to Help

Moving involves a lot of strenuous physical work. Before you try hulking that large couch out the door on your own, enlist some of your close friends to bring a little extra muscle power into the mix. Moving parties can even be fun — you’ll find most people can be persuaded by the promise of free pizza and good music. Plus, having a little help will leave you enough energy to orchestrate the feng shui in your new digs.

Moving Van and Transportation

Try as you might, you won’t be able to slide that antique rocking chair through the window of even the largest sedan. A truck of some kind — whether it’s your cousin’s pick-up or a rental box truck — is essential. An added bonus to using a truck is that you won’t have to waste valuable daylight trying to Tetris your microwave between two boxes of family photos.

Hire a Professional

As we’ve seen, a lot goes into the logistical aspects of moving. We want you to focus on the most important part: making your new house a home. At Billy Goat Movers, we have a team of professional movers standing by, ready to carry, load, and unload your personal belongings. Contact us today for a free moving quote that will put you on your way to the home of your dreams.