Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

If you’ve moved multiple times, you know how difficult it can be to transport heavy items, especially when stairs are involved. When you were younger, you may not have had much trouble carrying a hefty box of books or a love seat up a flight of stairs, but now that you’re older, it doesn’t sound like a welcome challenge. At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, our team knows how to move heavy items safely up and down stairs, and unlike other moving companies, we never charge an extra fee for stairs.

Pianos, Safes, and More

If you have a particularly heavy item, such as a piano or a safe, you might be worrying about how it will make it to and from the moving truck. Our expert team has moved countless pianos and safes, and we take great care so that nothing is damaged or broken during transport. If you need to store your piano while the room it will live in is remodeled or redecorated, we can help there as well.

Take the stress out of moving heavy items by contacting Billy Goat today. We don’t want you to get hurt trying to move something heavy, and we want you and your family to enjoy the moving experience as much as possible. When you leave the heavy lifting to us, you’ll receive prompt and friendly service, as well as a team who takes extra care of every one of your belongings. Even though we’re based in Fort Collins, we offer one-day service all across Colorado. Call us today to learn more!