How to Overcome Homesickness After Moving

How to Overcome Homesickness After Moving

Whether you’re moving away from home for college, a new career, or a change in life, you’ll inevitably encounter feeling homesick. We all feel it after moving away and that pain takes time to mend. At Billy Goat in Fort Collins, we’ve helped countless families move, and they all tend to show the early signs of homesickness when we’re assisting them. So if you are one of those people who we moved or someone looking to get through it, below are a few tips to overcome homesickness.

Stop Longing for the Good Ol’ Days

When we’re homesick, we tend to view our old home in the brightest of lights. The food tasted better, the people were nicer—hell, the grass was greener! It’s nice to reminisce about home, but when it’s skewed like this, it can hamper your experience in your new home. So stop longing for the good ol’ days and start looking to create unique experiences in your new home.

Explore Your New Surroundings

The first step to start making those unique experiences when you are homesick is to explore your new surroundings. Go out and meet your neighbors, check out the local watering holes, and see what your new town has to offer. There could be a lot going on that you’re not aware of by idealizing your old home. Who knows? Perhaps the grass is greener here rather than there! If you are a recent transplant to Fort Collins, check out our blog post on cool things around town.

Make a Dish From Home

Of course, when we are telling you to go out and stop longing for the good ol’ days, we are not saying you can’t feel sad. Moving from home is tough! On those days where it hits you the hardest and you just want to stay in rather than go out, try making a favorite dish that reminds you of home. Nothing helps cure the blues like cooking your favorite dish from home. Whether it is a nice bowl of chili, some grilled chicken, or a burger like Dad used to make; a good dish from home can help you in this troubled time.

Connect with Old Friends and Family

While eating your favorite dish, maybe try to connect with some friends and family too. Don’t lose touch with your roots by connecting with some old friends and family from back home when you’re feeling down. A quick call checking in on everyone can really do wonders and help you mend that feeling of homesickness.

Feeling homesick is a natural part of moving, we know this. So don’t feel bad if you’re feeling homesick. Take some time for yourself and—when you’re ready—go out and explore!