Handle With Care- Packing Fragile Items

Handle With Care: Packing Fragile Items

During the packing process, exhaustion will run rapid and there will be a point where you just want to GET IT DONE. Happens all the time, especially when you’ve spent all day packing. When this situation occurs people tend to cut corners and subscribe to that “get it done” mentality. Possessions are hastily thrown into random boxes, not properly wrapped, and sometimes forgotten altogether. This is how prized possessions are lost forever and fragile items are broken beyond repair. That’s why we want to pass some advice to help in these situations and prevent that box of jewelry from being lost forever, the collection of fine china to remain in one piece, and your Pokemon collection that you refuse to part with to arrive in the box it was meant to be in.

Make a List of Your Most Prized Possessions

In an earlier post, we recommended making an inventory of your possessions to stay organized; it’s a good idea plain and simple. It would also be a good idea to make a separate inventory of your prized possessions as well. That way you can keep track of your where your most prized possessions are during packing. This will also help with insurance purposes just in case the worst happens.

Find and Use Appropriately Sized Boxes

Small possessions like jewelry should be in small jewelry sized containers; glass and ceramics should be placed in strong sturdy boxes or plastic containers. Forego any damaged looking boxes, it’s too risky. Large items should go in large boxes, and small items should be placed in small boxes. Don’t grab a jumbo-sized box and throw everything in it, this will increase the chances of your possessions breaking and hamper organization efforts.

Pack Your Valuables FIRST

Don’t leave these bad boys until the very end when you’re tired and subscribe to the attitude of GET IT DONE! Pack your most valuable possessions and store them in a safe location away from everything else. If you’ve hired a team of movers make sure to notify them which boxes these are so they’re handled with care.

Marking The Box

Writing FRAGILE on the box will help indicate which boxes to handle with extreme care. Furthermore, draw an arrow pointing to the top of the box so you can identify the top from the bottom. This makes things easier and reduces the risk of accidentally dropping all of your stuff when you’re at the unpacking phase.

Take them with you

Despite all the precautions taken to keep fragile valuables safe it can still be a little hazardous having them in the back of a moving truck surrounded by heavy items. That’s why we suggest bringing them along with you if this is a concern. Just let your movers know which ones you will be taking yourself so we don’t scramble trying to find these boxes later.

There is no secret formula for keeping valuables safe, just take practical precautions and you’ll be able to enjoy your china, jewelry, or pokemon collection in your new home. If this seems too much to handle, or you don’t have enough time to take care of it yourself; then contact us at Billy Goat Moving. We’re one of Northern Colorado’s most trusted movers. Contact us today!