Find the Packing Materials You Need in Your House!

When it comes time to move, your first thought might be about all the boxes, padding, and tape you’ll have to buy. While it may be beneficial to get a few large boxes for certain items, you most likely have quite a few packing materials already in your house. Instead of spending a fortune on new materials, take a few minutes and see what you can find hiding in the basement, attic, or junk drawer. You might end up saving yourself quite a bit! At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we can help with packing and moving, but you can get a headstart with these tips.


If you’re disassembling furniture yourself, you want to be sure you don’t lose the nuts, bolts, and screws that hold your couches, chairs, and bookshelves together. Once you have a piece of furniture in pieces, take the hardware and put it in a sandwich bag and label it with a piece of masking tape. You can also use a fishing tackle box and its many compartments to keep everything separated. When you get to your new house, finding the hardware you need will be fast and easy!


You might be planning on packing all of your bath and hand towels into one box, but why not put them to better use? Apart from the one or two you pack in your overnight bag, you can use your towels as padding for dishes, vases, and other breakable items. They can be perfect for those empty spaces in boxes, and they won’t add too much weight. You’ll cut down on the number of boxes you need and your valuable belongings will be better protected.


Those beer boxes sitting on the porch or in the basement need to be recycled, but you’ve kept them, knowing they could serve a purpose at some point. Moving day can be the perfect time to reuse them, and with their sturdy construction and built-in handles, they’re ideal for packing books, DVDs, and other items that stack neatly. You can also carry two or three at a time, which means less trips to and from the moving truck. If you need more beer boxes, your local liquor store might be happy to give you some for free.

Whether you plan on packing everything yourself, or you need some professional assistance, there are many materials that you most likely already own. At Billy Goat, our moving and packing experts can make sure everything is boxed up or crated for transport, and we’ll ensure everything makes it to your new home in one piece. We can come a couple of days before the move to help finish packing, or if you only have a few things, we can handle it on the day of the move.

We’re proud to serve all of Colorado, so when you need packers and movers, give us a call right away!