Commercial Office Moving Checklist

Commercial Office Moving Checklist

As a business owner, it is important to find a space that will allow your vision to blossom and grow into its full potential. Once you’ve found that special location, it’s time to move! An office relocation might seem like a momentous task, but commercial moving can be quite simple—once you’ve got a plan. We created a simple commercial office moving checklist to take the ache out of relocating your business.


Much like a residential move, you’ll need boxes for your office equipment and supplies. Even if your business is manufacturing-oriented, there are always a few items that need a box or two. You won’t want to arrive at your new office to find you forgot all your pens and letterhead!

For your business moving checklist, we recommend smaller boxes for writing implements and stationery to avoid damage. Be sure to organize and label each box to make unpacking a cinch. If moving a large office, write the name of the department on the box—or use a color-coded sticker system.

Packing up your office in secondhand boxes can be a great start. However, you’ll likely need more. While getting used boxes is great when you’re on a budget, packing up your office in a set of new boxes takes that much more stress off of the moving process. Contact the goats and we can get you up to 20 fresh boxes for your move.


Protective packaging is a must-have for any business moving checklist. No matter what industry you work in, you probably have fragile and expensive equipment you want to protect. Delicate equipment, like computers and printers, should have padding like bubble wrap. Cover and secure desks and desk drawers with moving blankets. Make sure those office knick-knacks are safely stowed away too. Some common packing materials we recommend include:

  • Bubble wrap — this one might seem obvious, but it’s an easy one to forget. Bubble wrap is essential for packing up those fragile valuables.
  • Pads and blankets — are powerful tools for protecting furniture and other heavy items from scratching, chipping, or scuffs during your moving process.
  • Straps — used for safety and strength, moving straps will be your best friend during a move—other than the goats, of course! Whether you’re carrying something up a flight of stairs or trying to lift a heavy piece of furniture, you’ll be happy you didn’t forget your straps.
  • Packing peanuts — much like pads and blankets, packing peanuts add extra cushion to keep your furniture looking just as good as it did when you packed it.
  • Shrink-wrap (applied generously!) — shrink-wrap is a very powerful tool in your packing toolbox. You can use it to keep drawers shut, bundle loose items together, and more.


Don’t forget to secure drawers with tape or shrink-wrap! If you’ve ever pulled a drawer out of its track, you know how frustrating it can be to put it back. Plus, nobody wants to take a drawer to the face while maneuvering stairs.


As an employer, you want to keep your talent healthy and happy. Big moves can be stressful and disorienting. The last thing you want to do is have your employees shoulder the heavy work of relocating. The stress and potential for bodily injury can transform your happy workplace into a living nightmare for your staff.

Rather than ask your employees to learn how to properly operate a hand truck or sit through a video teaching them safe ways to lift heavy equipment—hire a team of experts to handle the manual labor. The courtesy won’t go unnoticed. At Billy Goat Moving, we know what we’re doing. Not only can we move your equipment; we protect your most valuable assets—your employees!


All successful business leaders like you must think strategically about the movement of goods and services. Commercial moving and supply chain logistics are pretty similar. To move goods from one place to the next, you need reliable transportation that meets the needs of your business. Unless you have a spare truck sitting around—or you transport floats for your local Fourth of July parade—you will need some kind of rental box truck. Any good business moving checklist is incomplete without a mode of transportation!


Office relocation requires a lot of preparation. From planning to execution, there is quite a bit to think about. We hope our commercial office moving checklist eases some of the stress so that you can focus on the joys of a fresh start. We want to help you have a successful move. Our team of commercial movers is an excellent resource if you have any questions.

You can also receive a free moving quote. However you decide to go about it, Billy Goat Moving wishes you the best of luck for the future!