Calculating Weight and Cubic Feet

When getting ready to move, it’s important to think about what household goods you’ll be moving, what day will be best for moving, and how you’re going to get to your new home. However, two aspects that some homeowners forget are what certain objects weigh and how many cubic feet these objects occupy. By planning for heavy objects and considering how much space they will take up in the moving truck (not to mention your new house or apartment), you can make the moving process much easier on yourself and your family. At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we can provide the manpower to carry those heavy objects and bring a truck with enough space for all of your large household items.


Even if an object doesn’t take up much space, that doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy. It’s important to consider how and with what materials the object is constructed. A popular example of a small, yet heavy item is a home safe. These safes are often kept in closets or basements, and although they’re rather small, they’re made of iron or another tough material, and lifting them by yourself isn’t a likely option. By taking stock of items such as safes or small bookcases, you can let the movers know that there will be small, heavy objects that will need to be transported.


It may seem obvious that your king-size bed is going to be heavy, but with large items such as this, it’s important to consider how many cubic feet the object occupies. If your king-size bed is 76” long by 80” wide, and perhaps 18” high, it will occupy approximately 63 cubic feet. This is important when it comes time to load the truck on moving day. If you haven’t alerted the moving company that you’re going to have large items that occupy quite a bit of space, they may not bring a truck that’s big enough to accommodate all your belongings. This can mean multiple trips, which of course prolongs the moving process. At Billy Goat, we’ll always cover every large item that needs to be transported, and have a truck with plenty of space for your belongings.

If you want to calculate the weight and cubic feet of a certain object in your home, there are plenty of easy accessible online resources that make the math quick and simple. Our moving experts can also answer your questions regarding the weight of a certain item, the best way to move it in or out of your home, and how it will be loaded on the truck to allow for other items to be packed around it. Above all, we want you to feel confident that your belongings are being handled with care. We always employ safe carrying practices, and can navigate stairs and hallways with your home safe, piano, king-size bed, and more.

When you need a moving company in Fort Collins, contact Billy Goat right away. We’re proud to serve all of Colorado, and can have you moved in no time!