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5 Ways to Accomplish a Good Move with The Goats

At Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins, we like to complete each move as efficiently & quickly as possible. That way, you’ll quickly be in your new home and able to get started on the more important tasks that come after a move. We’ve compiled a shortlist of 5 steps to complete before moving day so you’ll spend less time dealing with the move and more time in your new home.

Get Acquainted with the Movers

Introducing yourself will help your movers understand who they’re working with. In addition, it will help them understand who to go to if they have any questions. During introductions, you can deliver any special instructions they need to follow during the move to help it go smoother; such as which boxes are fragile and what pieces of furniture need special care.

Complete Several Walkthroughs

At Billy Goat Moving, we like to complete at least four walkthroughs before and during the move.

  1. Once when we arrive
  2. Another when we’re finished at the old location
  3. One at the new location before everything is moved in
  4. And a final walkthrough at the new location

These walkthroughs will help layout our moving plan and allow us to understand the layouts of each home and how to maneuver large pieces of furniture through the narrow hallway.

Make sure you complete your own walkthroughs to be sure that everything is completed before the movers arrive. The last thing you want to do is to find items that still need packing and furniture that requires disassembling when your movers arrive.

Label & Tape Boxes

Be sure to have your boxes taped up and labeled prior to the moving day. Having this completed will make the process much easier as our movers will know what’s not only inside of each box (and can treat said box appropriately) but also avoid any unnecessary damage by accidentally picking up a box upside down.

Prep Furniture for Movers

Have all pieces of furniture cleared (such as dressers and drawers) & disassembled before the move so that your movers aren’t bogged down carrying something that’s heavier than it should be. Also, have a plan for where you’d like your furniture to go in your new place. This will lessen any confusion your movers might have when they’re moving your boxes and furniture inside.

Have Parking Planned Out

On moving day have the driveway clear of any parked cars, snow, or anything else that might impede the moving truck. Also, be sure to have an area close to your old home blocked off and reserved for the moving truck to park in.

Following these steps will ensure that your move will go as smoothly as possible and that you’ll be in your new home faster than you could imagine. For more information please contact the goats today.

Feel free to download our Free Moving Steps infographic below as well.

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