11 Items You Must Include in Your First Night Box

There are a lot of things you need to remember to bring when you’re moving. One of the most important things however is a first night box. A first night box is a box full of essentials to bring to the new home that you know you’ll need when you arrive. Here are 11 items that Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins (Jack & I) recommend to pack in your first night box.



Nothing is more frustrating than having to make a quick shopping trip on moving day to buy toilet paper and toothbrushes. Pack some essential toiletries in your 24-hour box so you can focus on unpacking and not have to make any unnecessary trips.



The worst thing you can do is to forget your medicine, or throw it in a random box that may take some time to locate. Be safe, and have your medicine on hand.


Emergency Kit:

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “s**t happens”. Be prepared for when “it” happens with a small emergency kit full of bandaids, rubbing alcohol, gauze, and anything else you feel like you’ll need.



Let’s face it, we’re all slaves to caffeine. Don’t fight it, just embrace the addiction, and bring your coffee maker with you. Enjoy a nice, warm, cup of coffee in the morning so you can start the day off right!


Scissors or knives:

Throw some of these guys in the box for unpacking. You’ll need a few to help with the unpacking process.



This may seem a bit random, but music definitely keeps you moving when your…moving. Pack some speakers so you can jam out to lofi hip hop moving beats!



After a long day of moving you’ll be dying to get out of your dirty shirt and into something clean. Pack a change of clothes for yourself for when this occurs.



You’ll probably be making lots of calls throughout the moving day; utility companies, internet providers, schools, etc. Remember to pack a charger so your phone doesn’t die on you during these calls.



Moving is tiring and we all know the first thing you want to do after a long move is to gorge on some pizza & beer. The second thing is to sleep. Bring some bed sheets or a sleeping bag for when you’re ready to crash and enjoy a well deserved night of rest.



Grab some screwdrivers, hammers, and a few other basic tools for when you need to reassemble furniture or hang any wall art.


Cleaning Supplies:

Moving can be messy and maybe so was the previous tenant who forgot to clean up before they left. It’s a good idea to have some cleaning supplies on hand so you can take care of the messes when they happen.

Whenever you move make sure to always have a 24-hour box on hand. These are items we definitely recommend to pack, but feel free to bring anything else you think you’ll need for the first 24-hours in your new home!

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