Art/Sculpture/Taxidermy Crating

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Art/Sculpture/Taxidermy Crating

Northern Colorado has a vibrant art scene, with many artists and collectors living in the area. If you’re preparing for a move, you most likely have some valuable paintings or sculptures that need to be carefully transported. At Billy Goat Moving, our professional movers will make sure that your precious items will be safe in transit. We will carefully crate these items and make sure they’re safe during the ride to your new home.

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You may have pieces from local artists, or you may have collected artwork from around the world, but regardless of where it came from, you’re proud of your collection and want to know that it will make it safely from your old residence to your new one. Our team will bring the appropriate materials and padding to crate and store paintings, sculptures, and other artwork for transit. We understand that some of your artwork may be extremely heavy, and we’ll come prepared with the proper equipment and manpower to safely move it in and out of the truck.


If you’re not an art collector, but have large taxidermy hanging in your living room or displayed elsewhere in your home, we’ll make sure it’s properly prepared for your move. You take great pride in your trophies, and we’ll make sure every animal is crated and padded for transit. We understand there are delicate pieces such as horns and antlers that need to be wrapped and padded to avoid damage during the move.

If you have art, sculpture, or taxidermy that needs to be moved, contact Billy Goat Moving in Fort Collins today!


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